Tuesday, March 23, 2004

A Strange Computer Occurrence

Last week I received two ominous emails. One from some network saying I had sent an email containing a virus to one of their customers. I have never heard of this address and certainly never sent them an email.

Then I received an email from Jay Parchman's employer saying that I had sent him an email containing a virus and that they were quarantining this email.

That was serious. I stopped emailing anyone and bought online an anti-virus program.

When I got the program on Tuesday, I was unable to install it. I am now waiting for someone more knowedgeable to visit me and give me some help.

However, I was able to run the pre-installation search for viruses already on my computer. It took almost three hours for it to search every memory, file, program, etc. My computer came up clean.

I sent an email to Jay and he got it. It wasn't quarantined.

I missed the opportunity to send emails to people and am very glad to have it back.

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