Monday, February 02, 2004

When it is cold and rainy and dreary, it is hard to pack for a trip to a more tropical climate. With gloom outside my window, I had trouble packing suitable clothing for my week long visit to Beth in Florida.

I packed a knit cap but no sun hat. I packed warm boots but no sandals. So I arrived in Jacksonville on Sunday the 25th with inadequate clothing because it was sunny and warm there.

I had left Anne in a house of sickness. She had the flu and Emma had strip throat with rash. Then later Adam got fifth disease and George got strep. And to top it all, today, the 2nd Ken has strep.

I couldn't help but think that the entire Rucker family could use some of that Florida sunshine.

After the short, direct flight from Nashville Beth and I ate Sunday dinner at Famous Amos' which is, surprisingly, not a cookie place but a restaurant. I have gotten tired of fast food and I didn't eat at McDonald's or any other such place while I was in Florida. I asked Beth for restaurants "with vegetables." The food at Famous Amos' was good and the waitress called me Sweetie. My kind of place.

I checked into the Comfort Inn Oceanfront because I had gotten a good price on Priceline for the weekdays. The weekend was a different matter so I then I moved to Beth's.

When I left my room on Monday morning for breakfast, I had a surprise outside my door. My sweet daughter had gone by the hotel on her way to work and, without waking me, left me some things she thought I might need: a beach chair, a cooler, and a sun tent. Beth is thoughtful of her mother.

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