Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Snow. It covers a lot of mistakes. Like in the old Gospel song "He washed It White as Snow."

It started snowing here early Sunday morning. It came down in great clumps and I thought surely it was too warm for the snow to stick. But it kept coming down and the end of the day we had about 6 inches.

Lovely snow covering the ugly leaves and sticks and dry grass. My brother James and sister-in-law Rene had come on Saturday to take down my rail fence. It needed too many repairs and I didn't want to do it. They loaded up the fence and put it up at their house. (They are fast workers.) Rene sent me an email picture of the fence in the snow. Just beautiful.

The snow melted a lot Monday and most on Tuesday but still there was no school in Chester County on Tuesday.

The amazing thing about the snow is that there was no snow in Madison County. I was talking to Julia Sunday morning and she said the snow had stopped there. I didn't think anything about it at the time but truly the snow had stopped there.

While I got 6 inches, Julia, 13 miles away, got absolutely no accumulation. You would think the snow would fade away gradually but it just stopped cold in Pinson.

This is the first snow of the year and it is already the middle of February. I called Beth to report on the snow and she was riding her bike on the beach in the sunshine. She was happy and I was happy.

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